Some of the Benefits You Will Receive:

You Will Always be Seen by Me and My Nurse Practitioners

You will always be seen by me or our experienced Nurse Practitioner… the medical staff who knows you best.

Personalized Attention

You will always be able to call or text me or the Nurse Practitioner on our personal cell phone or if you prefer, send an email message.

There When You Need Us

Unlimited visits to your assisted living location, when medically necessary so you need not go to extreme measures to be transferred safely.


Discovering what is right for each patient.

Each person is unique and there is no absolute approach when it comes to prevention and treatment. We will have more time to explore all factors that can influence your health, and together we will determine the best approach for you.

Personalized Hospital Care

Should you need to be hospitalized, we will serve as your advocates and advisors, communicate with family members and others who may be involved in your care and conduct courtesy visits to Newton-Welles-ley Hospital.

Advocate & Coordination of Care

Meeting with Wellness Nurses, Therapists, VNA Services, Home Health Agencies, and coordination of care with Specialists and Hospice if medically necessary and/or indicted by request.

Strong Focus on Long Term Health and Recovery.

We conduct a thorough assessment of your health which serves as the basis of your personalized wellness plan.

Support for you and your family.

We customized your care by providing lifestyle plans and periodic wellness examinations. We will be available for extensive discussions regarding end of life and healthcare proxies with family members.


Expedite Your Total Care

We coordinate care for patients needing mobile x-ray, ultrasound and EKG.

Lab Work Assistance

We provide all lab work when needed, either by Medical Staff or visiting Nurse, with the goal of saving the patient a trip to the lab.

Keeping You Out of the Hospital

Our goal is to keep patients out of the Emergency Rooms and avoid hospital stays.

Personal Care & Commitment

As a patient of my concierge practice you can expect to receive the same high standards we have delivered to our patients for almost two decades.

Enhanced Personalized Attention

Our goal is to focus on diagnostics and treatment. We are passionate about our role as caregivers when you are ill and wellness advisors to keep you feeling your best.

Please feel free to call our office
(781) 431-2345
with any preliminary questions