Membership Services

In the comfort of your own home

Our goal is to keep patients out of the Emergency Rooms and avoid hospital stays

Availability to Primary Care Physicians/Nurse Practitioner or Medical Director via cell phone and access to Assisted Living Coordinator to coordinate care.

Unlimited visits to the member’s assisted living location, when medically necessary so the resident does not need to go to extreme measures to be transferred safely.

Customized care and lifestyle plans/periodic wellness examinations, including extensive discussions regarding end of life, including family members/healthcare proxy in the discussion, along with family meetings.

In-depth extended medical evaluations.

Guaranteed to be seen within 1-2 business days extended appointments at the Member’s place of residence in the assisted living facility, when medically necessary.

Weight loss/nutritional counseling, along with other education on changes that occur as one ages.

Meeting with Wellness Nurse, Therapists, VNA Services, Home Health Agencies and Coordination of care with Specialists and Hospice if medically necessary and or indicated by request.

Coordinate care for patients needing mobile x-ray, ultrasound and EKG's.

Provide all lab work when needed, either by Medical Staff or Visiting Nurse, with the goal of saving the patient a trip to the lab.

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Even if you’re considering medications to treat hangover symptoms, it’s still important to stay hydrated, said Dr. Alan Glaser, the medical director at Wellesley Primary Care Medicine. There’s also another catch. Drugs—legal and illegal—get processed by the liver. In general, healthy human livers can … Read More

WPCM – January 2018
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We are excited to announce that we will soon begin offering an online and in-office dispensary of select professional grade nutritional supplements.  As new research emerges each year, we have become more aware of the important role that vitamins, minerals, … Read More

Nutritional Counseling
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We are excited to announce that we will soon begin offering an online and in-office dispensary Of select professional grade nutritional supplements. Stay tuned to our website for more information On how and when to register for exclusive, patient -only … Read More