I had never seen a Nurse Practitioner before I saw Julie about a month ago, and I must admit, I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. I pondered, “Can she do everything that a doctor can?” and “Does she know what she’s doing?” Let me tell you that she put those questions to rest immediately.

First of all, it was noticeable how far more knowledgeable she was than my previous doctor. Second of all, when my old doctor would ask me a question, he would barely wait for a reply before moving on to the next thing. Julie sat with me and really listened to my concerns, and answered my [admittedly long] list of questions with patience, and in a way that I could understand.

I used to despise going in for my yearly check-ups, but I really feel completely comfortable seeing someone who views and treats me like “James,” and not as “Anonymous Male Patient #2342353.” Thanks Julie.

James C.-H.

I feel like I belong to one of those expensive “concierge” style practices, but without the cost. The staff is always warm and friendly, I can always book appointments the same day when I’m sick, and I like knowing that no matter what time of day or night, my doctor is but a phone call away. I have seen both Dr. Glaser and Jessica Engel, both of whom are brilliant. Thanks for treating me like I’m the only patient in the practice.

Marc R.

After my PCP retired Dr. Glaser took over her patients. I am so thankful! In the last few years, I have realized what I was missing from my doctor- attentiveness, time, and being treated like family. The entire staff is welcoming, warm and truly invested in each and every patient. I NEVER feel rushed or not listened to, they are always accommodating when I am sick. Dr. Glaser and staff are highly recommended!

Melissa S.